1 Aug

I wore glasses 100% of the time they called me a hot nerd it was never helping :-\

Bunny Eats Design

All through high school, me and my bestie were in complete denial that we needed glasses. Instead, we would squint at the whiteboard, at the TV and at oncoming buses hoping to make sense of our blurry world. When we finally both got glasses, we didn’t wear them all the time, even if it helped us to see. Nowdays, she wears contacts full-time and I wear glasses full-time.

Even though I wear glasses 90% of the time, if you flicked through my Facebook photos, you wouldn’t know I wear glasses. I wear contact lenses on special occasions and photos of me reflect this. I guess I’m not that comfortable in my glasses. I’m used to seeing the world through my glasses, but I’m not used to seeing myself in the mirror with them on. Maybe it’s time to get new glasses.

I’ve signed up to Pinterest recently and pinning a…

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